Detailing & Ceramic Coating

Hire a professional boat detailing expert to keep your boat in great shape for years to come.

We provide from regular detailing to the latest and most innovative technology in ceramic coatings to protect the surface of your boat. Costa Marine PR is a Certified Glidecoat Pro. 

Every boat, even the brand new ones, suffer from high UV levels which causes oxidation. Even with wax applied, yacht and boat finishes lose surface functionality in a matter of weeks. Functions such as UV blocking, stain and salt resistance are the first to fail and continue to diminish sharply after that time. This is why we recommend the Glidecoat Pro Marine Ceramic. 

Once the ceramic coating treatment is applied by a Glidecoat Certified Pro and regularly maintained, Glidecoat Pro Marine Ceramic will continue to preserve the surface of your watercraft for 18+ months. 


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